NOGA Mindfulness and Creativity Workshops

Inspired by the biblical name for the splendor of dawn, Noga Mindfulness Classes and Workshops cultivate self-compassion, creativity, stress relief, spiritual connection and insight in a safe, nurturing, non-judgemental environment.

Lisa incorporates a variety of methods gained through hundreds of hours of mindfulness training. These include meditation, breathing techniques, biofeedback, Qi Gong, gentle movement, chants and other mindfulness tools scientifically proven* to enhance the body’s own mechanisms for healing and well-being.

*Check back soon for helpful links to mindfulness resources below.

In Hebrew, Noga is the name of morning star, the planet Venus, and appears in classical texts as a symbol of light and illumination. Noga also resonates with other ancient terms for mindfulness, such as yoga, union, and roga, the Hebrew word for serenity, calm and peace, from the root word for rega/moment.

NOGA is also a helpful acronym that reminds us develop self-compassion:

Nurture Organic Growth & Allowing

L’ilui nishmat Yirachmiel Lipman Nissim ben E v’ A z’l.