Yishuv Daat

Yishuv Daat Mindfulness, Healing Circles and Creativity Workshops cultivate self-compassion, creativity, stress relief, spiritual connection and insight in a safe, nurturing, non-judgmental environment.

These sessions incorporate a variety of methods and mindfulness trainings. These include meditation, breathing techniques, biofeedback, Qi Gong, gentle movement, chants and other mindfulness tools scientifically proven* to enhance the body’s own mechanisms for healing and well-being.

*Check back soon for helpful links to mindfulness resources below.

In Hebrew, Yishuv Daat has many connotations: tranquil consciousness, from the words “to sit” and “consciousness”, as well as community associated with the word “yishuv.”

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L’ilui nishmat Yirachmiel Lipman Nissim ben E v’ A z’l.