Book Talks, Workshops, Writing Groups and more

In connection with my books, I’ve had the honour of presenting at Limmud conferences around the world (Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Atlanta, Winnipeg, Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City) and other events, including book festivals, Hillel, synagogues, women’s events and more. A multi-media presentation: “Cool Jew: A Cultural Ride for Every Member of the Tribe” tells the story of how my books came about, touches on the motivation for this work and shares the feel-good message of embracing who you are and celebrating it — the true meaning of ‘cool’.

Workshops and Retreats

More recently, at Limmud France, Jewbilee in the Silicon Valley, the Sukkat Shlomo Retreats in Tsfat and Jerusalem and other settings, I’ve also begun sharing the story of how mindfulness techniques have helped me overcome a major health challenge. My session “The Art of Clarity.” This experiential workshop incorporates mindfulness techniques, such as meditation to assist the artist within all of us in cultivating creativity through practices that quiet internal dialogue and yield clarity.

In writing workshops, we also use mindfulness techniques and other prompts in free-writes that help promote creativity and experimentation and depth in our work.

I’ve also developed two week-long seminars entitled “Giborot: Women of Battle, Women of Valor” and “Pirke Imahot: Women’s Wisdom” for the Kol Echad Retreats in Maui.


For many years, I’ve been researching my family’s diverse history with five generations identified in Poland, on my paternal line, and in the Holy Land and Salonika on my maternal line. I’ve unearthed original manuscripts and more at Israel’s National Archives, the Jerusalem Municipal Archives, Yad Ben Tzvi and the cemetery on the Mount of Olives. Highlights include rabbinic seals, kabbalistic incantations, hand-drawn amulets and wills and tales of espionage, rock stars and more on my maternal side. On my paternal side, I’ve also discovered material at the Palmach Archives, the Jabotinsky Archives and elsewhere, with stories of bravery and heroism in the Jewish Brigade during WWII and among elite IDF commandos in the Suez Canal in 1969. There is much more to this story in my next book.

These and other topics can be booked for public programs. Please contact me for more information at campaignklug (at) gmail.

A letter of blessing from my great great grandfather,
Rabbi Yitzhak Moshe Perera of Jerusalem, to a well-known supporter,
Natan HaLevi Bamberger of Germany, early 20th century.
Source: Israel National Library.