Book Promotion Coaching

You just know you have a book in you? You’ve already started? But you’ve hit a roadblock? 

Or you’ve published? And you need support to help promote?  

In the good ol’ days, the most challenging part of being an author was actually writing your book. In the halcyon days of marketing, publishers sprinkled PR fairy dust on everything: promotion, advertising, book parties, tours and so much more. These days, it’s nearly all in the hands of the author. So no matter how you’re published –- whether self, a major house or smaller presses –- it’s now your even bigger job to transform yourself into what I call “Your Own Best Marketing Machine.” (For which you obviously need “marketing crack.”)

As a book publishing, marketing and publicity coach, I love sharing my marketing crack… I mean my passion for writing, marketing, promotion, publicity and helping others succeed! Health practictioners, engineers, first-time authors, life coaches, children’s book authors, youth directors and all types of business folk have leveraged my services to help them craft their books, write and edit PR material, learn more about the publishing industry, market their wares, produce an effective message, get publicity and more. And now you can, too!

For my first book, Cool Jew, I put together a 100+ stop tour, and landed more than 100 media hits in print, television, radio and online. Read more about that under Press and Events.

As a coaching client, I’ll gladly share with you proven marketing and publicity secrets and abundant, juicy strategies to bring your work the attention it deserves. And to feel great about putting yourself out there! (No crack required.)

I work with both individuals and groups.

READY TO ADVANCE to the next stage of your career one-on-one?

An initial consultation is $100 for 30 minutes or $175 for an hour. This session takes place in person, by phone or Zoom.

After our initial consultation, a four-hour package is available for $675. During that time, you will receive actionable steps to achieve your goals. Your hours are available in any increment you chose over a 60-day period.

All appointments are paid in advance and accompanied by a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not 150% satisfied.

To realize your publishing, marketing and publicity dreams, email campaignklug (at) gmail (dot) com.


In this jam-packed marketing thrill ride, I show you how it’s done. With budget-friendly methods for getting the word out about your masterpiece, I reveal tried-and-true secrets from creating more than 100 events in North America, Europe and Israel, as well as the backstory of how I landed 100-plus media hits for Cool Jew on TV and radio and the Internet, as well as newspapers and magazines. You’ll walk away with tips for promoting, partnering, and publicizing your work, as well as engaging your community to create memorable and meaningful events and garner media attention — whether you’re working solo or with a publicist. This not-to-be-missed DIY session on author-driven marketing will turn you into an unashamed, self-promotion marketing machine.

Just. Like. That.

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